Welcome to our page…. The Y&S Committee is delighted to tell you on the developments of our youth in our Community. This year we have exciting news to tell you, we will be participating in the Festival of Friendship - Kenya games which will be held from 12th Nov 2017 – 03rd Dec 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya. This Sport mega event has attracted many Asian Communities in Kenya and it will be a platform to showcase our youth’s ability to compete with other communities. There will be many games to participate in, I encourage our youth members to take full interest and part on this event. Over the past few months we have been working hand-in-hand with the youth representatives of each community to prepare the groundwork for the games and the efforts of each of our member has been commendable.

Y&S Committee is also putting up events for our members during the year to raise finances for the committee. Some of the events we will be organising are: Football and Volleyball Tournament, Walking Treasure Hunt and Family Fund day in liaise with Ladies committee… We shall update you on the events as time comes closer..

Y&S Committee is also preparing for the 2018 Sports festival to be hosted by Zanzibar Kokni Jammat in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Practises are ongoing for Volleyball, Football, table tennis, Badminton to mention a few. I encourage our youth members who are interested to come forward and start trainings with the teams.

I would also like to thank all our Youths who took part in the just concluded Qurbani programme of which our Religion Committee holds every year during the Eid ul Adha celebration. The Qurbani programme is normally done for raising monies for the running of our Bukhari Mosque which is in our centre.

Finally, Y&S Committee would like to thank you for taking time reading our space and we shall be updating and uploading photos for all the events we participate in, so keep checking our page…

Thank you..

Y&S Committee members comprise of below:
  • Chairman – Abdulaziz Mukadam (Zangi)
  • Vice Chairman – Osman Dawre
  • Secretary – Ammar Khambiye
  • Treasurer – Sajjad Naziri

Other Members include:
  • • Abdulwahab Mukadam
  • • Sameer Khambiye
  • • Arif Mukadam
  • • Hussein Mukadam
  • • Ali Abdulwahab